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Idi Amin: You've Seen the Movie, Now Read the Book

�I ate them before they ate me.� So said Idi Amin, the deceased Ugandan dictator who is now the subject of a major motion picture.

Having garnered a reputation as a skilled soldier in the British Colonial Army, Amin rose rapidly through the ranks in the newly independent Uganda, and showed his gratitude by deposing then president Dr. Milton Obote. Once in power he launched a reign of terror that ranks among the worst on the continent, executing massive numbers of officers and troops he suspected of loyalty to Obote, and bombing villages in Tanzania and Uganda where the former president�s supporters resided. He is believed to have ordered the murders of 300,000 people whose bodies were dumped unceremoniously into the Nile River.

Amin, who is reputed to have practiced cannibalism, fed his victims to crocodiles, and stored human heads in his freezer, was forced from power and fled the country in 1979. A Muslim, he eventually found asylum in Saudi Arabia, where he died in exile in 2003.

Interested in learning more about this fascinating villain and his beleaguered country? Check out these informative and entertaining books.

The Last King of Scotland
by Foden, Giles
Format:  Trade Paperback
Price:  $14.00
Published: Vintage Books USA, 1999
Inventory Status: Usually Ships in 1-5 days

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Shortly after his arrival in Uganda, Scottish doctor Nicholas Garrigan is called to the scene of a bizarre accident: Idi Amin, careening down a dirt road in his red Maserati, has run over a cow. When Garrigan tends to Amin, the dictator, in his obsession for all things Scottish, appoints him as his personal physician. And so begins a fateful dalliance with the central African leader whose Emperor Jones-style autocracy would transform into a reign of terror. In The Last King of Scotland Foden's Amin is as ridiculous as he is abhorrent: a grown man who must be burped like an infant, a self-proclaimed cannibalist who, at the end of his 8 years in power, would be responsible for 300,000 deaths. And as Garrigan awakens to his patient's baroque barbarism--and his own complicity in it--we enter a venturesome meditation on conscience, charisma, and the slow corruption of the human heart. Brilliantly written, comic and profound, The Last King of Scotland announces a major new talent.

IDI Amin
(History's Villains)

by Allen, John
Format:  Hardcover (Cloth)
Price:  $28.70
Published: Blackbirch Press, 2003
Inventory Status: Special Order - Subject to Availability

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The course of world history has often been set by powerful individuals who had an insatiable hunger for power, wealth, fame, and glory. In many cases, these villains have ruled countries and empires with violence and oppression--inflicting their ideals on innocent people. < p>< I>History's Villains< /I> takes a two-sided look at some of history's most influential villains; the series explores simultaneously the influences and experiences that shaped the figure, but does so in the context of the tim What emerges is a unique story about a world that changed a person and a person that changed the world.

Heroes & Villians: IDI Amin
(Heroes & Villains)

by Barter, James
Format:  Hardcover (Cloth)
Price:  $28.70
Published: Lucent Books, 2004
Inventory Status: Usually Ships in 1-5 days

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Idi Amin, who preferred to be called "Big Daddy," will go down in history as one of the most vilified mass murderers of the twentieth century. Self proclaimed President of Uganda, Amin illegally seized power in a military coup in 1971 and tyrannically ruled ten million fellow Ugandans until he ignominiously fled the African country in 1979. In his wake Amin left deplorable examples of brutality, torture, murder, and demented personal behavior. During his eight years of barbaric rule an estimated three hundred thousand Ugandans were killed by his orders. Although Amin died in exile in 2003 a failed dictator, there is still much to be learned about Uganda's history, Amin's dictatorship, and how he orchestrated his rise to power and maintained power while inflicting so much pain on his followers.

The Shattered Pearl
by Armstrong, Sara
Format:  Trade Paperback
Price:  $20.00
Published: Lulu Press, 2006
Inventory Status: Usually Ships in 1-5 days

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The Shattered Pearl is an account of the ten years that Sara Armstrong spent in Uganda, East Africa. It begins with an inside look at the Peace Corps in 1966 against the backdrop of the civil rights movement. Sara found herself the only black Peace Corps trainee in a group of 150. Once in Uganda, Sara taught science and math and traveled around East Africa. In April 1968, Sara married a Ugandan, resigned from the Peace Corps and began a new life. On January 25, 1971 Idi Amin Dada seized power and plunged this tropical paradise into a cycle of unimaginable terror and bloodshed. During the next six year, as this incredible tragedy unfolded, Sara moved freely around Uganda witnessing many things that were not reported in the press. She lived as a Ugandan but saw events from an American viewpoint including the historic raid on Entebbe Airport. The Shattered Pearl is a gripping, entertaining account of an incredible journey filled with adventure, love, joy and terror.

(Countries of the World (Gareth Stevens))

by Oghojafor, Kingsley
Format:  Hardcover (Cloth)
Price:  $30.60
Published: Gareth Stevens Publishing, 2003
Inventory Status: Usually Ships in 1-5 days

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From familiar neighbors to distant parts of the globe, this engaging series offers readers a close-up look at countries around the world. Vivid color photographs enhance up-to-date information on each country's geography, history, system of government, lifestyle, language, art, food, and more. An intriguing section of special features provides a window into each country's unique customs as well as its current issues. Each volume details its country's current and historical relations with the United States and Canada, emphasizing the rich sharing of cultures that helps define today's global society. Also included in each volume is a black and white classroom map, easy to photocopy for classroom activities. The people of Uganda have endured much political instability, civil war, and poverty since gaining independence in 1962. From the ancient rain forests at Bwindi to the bustling capital of Kampala, this book captures everyday life in Uganda and the major events that have molded the nation.

Bradt Uganda
(Bradt Travel Guide Uganda)

by Briggs, Philip
Format:  Trade Paperback
Price:  $19.95
Published: Bradt Travel Guides, 2003
Inventory Status: Out of Print

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In this fourth edition of "Uganda: The Bradt Travel Guide," Africa specialist Philip Briggs provides fully updated information on every aspect of the country's tourist infrastructure, from national parks and gorilla reserves to Lake Victoria and the Ssese Islands. Uganda's attractions for the natural history enthusiasts are almost legendary. This guide features the places to see mountain gorillas and other primates, and the best reserves for catching glimpses of the country's 1,000 species of bird, which should keep even the most ardent birdwatchers happy. It is an essential companion for backpackers who will relish Uganda's compact travel circuit, including hiking opportunities in the Ruwenzori Mountains and exploration of Uganda's largest national park, the Murchison Falls. Uganda offers a chance to enjoy natural history away from the hoards visiting southern African safari destinations, and is a country readily accessible for travelers of all budgets.