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445 11th St., N.W.
Near Metro Center, 11th St. Exit
Washington, DC 20004
Tel: (202) 737-5553
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Wed. Aug. 8 & 22: Le Club de Lecture

July 2007 Literary & Other To-Do's

gone by Brandon Silverstone


13 ways of Looking at a Chapters' Membership

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Welcome to CHAPTERS: A Literary Bookstore. In our 21 years of selling books in downtown D.C. the most frequently asked question has been, "What's a literary bookstore? Sounds snooty and elitist. . . ." Well, cyber-reader, if you walked in our doors you'd find our enormous poetry section right up front, literary fiction old and new, and literature in foreign languages. But you'll also find an array of offerings from Aristotle to Babar to Churchill. We're very fond of spiritual matters, the culinary arts, children's literature, natural history, travel writing, and on and on. In short, we're both very selective and wide-ranging in what we stock. We're a shop that caters to serious, uncommon readers and inveterate browsers. If that describes you, then do read on! The second most frequently asked question is about our store motto, Littera Scripta Manet. Latinists among you know that it's a quote from Horace that means the written word remains, a notion to which we wholeheartedly subscribe, and especially in a digital age. Here at CHAPTERS, the written word not only remains, it flourishes!

July 2007 Literary & Other To-Do's  
Mon. July 23 at 1 pm: Mystery Monday with Lauren Carr.
Wed. July 25 at noon: Le Dejeuner du Mercredi.
Thur. July 26 at 6:15 pm Poetry Happy Hour with DC Poets Brandon Silverstone & Steven Giuliani. At 7 pm: A Reading from their collections, entitled respectively, Love's Skin and Jungle Nights & Soda Fountain Rags.
Sat. July 28 at 1 pm: Cafe Philo.
Mon. July 30 at 1 pm: John Billheimer on Baseball & The Blame Game.

Title of Event: DC Poets With You
When: Thursday, July 26, 2007 7:00 PM
Description: Brandon Silverstone 's poems in his third collection, Love's Skin, "seduce the reader with their infectious originality, and depth of meaning," as Reuben Jackson says. Our other reader tonight, Brian Gilmore, also comes highly praised by Mr. Jackson for his Jungle Nights & Soda Fountain Rags, and its "terse, rhythmically and thematically urgent solos." Our poets join us for a POETRY HAPPY HOUR at 6 pm to discuss the blues as muse for poetry, and local poetry publishers.
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Wed. Aug. 8 & 22: Le Club de Lecture  
Le D�jeuner du Mercredi, our weekly French conversation group, will be reading and discussing, en francais, bien sur, the 2003 Priz Renaudot winning novel, Les Ames Grises, by Philippe Claudel on Wed. Aug. 8 & 22, at noon. You may recognize its English title, By a Slow River. Do join us! (Read More!)

gone by Brandon Silverstone   
since she's been gone, old habits line
my borders like mercenaries. I hide
under blankets, hoping she comes back
before they burn my health to the ground.
I draw pictures of her with cut fingers,
images slip away wearing red dresses,
telling men secrets that was once only for me.
can't read newspapers cause every blank page says
something 'bout her; blank spaces where
my name ought to be.

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13 ways of Looking at a Chapters' Membership

There are 13 ways of looking at an annual Chapters' membership, which is a small investment in our 21 year old independent, locally owned bookshop, and which replaces your tattered old Chapters Frequent Buyer Card.
And here's No. 8: You second Howard Norman's opinion that "CHAPTERS is an indispensable resource, an active monument on the cultural landscape."

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Store Picks

Come see our Recommended Shelf in the store for more of our favorites! (Read More!)

My Dreams Out in the Street
by Addonizio, Kim
Rita Jackson is a young woman on the skids, spending her time in shelters and on the dot-com-drunk streets of late 1990s San Francisco. She's a young woman haunted by the murder of her mother when she was thirteen, and a young bride haunted by the disappearance of her husband, Jimmy, who split after a nasty argument more than a year earlier. Together Jimmy and Rita were slipping into drugs and hard times. Rita is filled with feelings of guilt and failure, and the hope that she will one day and Jimmy. She doesn't know that he is still in the city, still in love with her, waiting tables in an expensive restaurant while trying to get a foothold in the straight life.

When Rita witnesses the aftermath of a murder, her own life is endangered. She becomes involved with Gary Shepard, a married criminal investigator drawn to the dark side of this young woman. What unfolds is a story of three flawed people struggling with themselves as much as with their circumstances, as each of them is pulled more deeply and dangerously into the consequences of their decisions. When a drunken night leads Jimmy to jeopardize his second and last chance, it seems unlikely that these sweet, damaged people will ever come to anything, let alone find and -- miracle of miracles -- save one another.

But fate, in Addonizio's hands, works in strange and beautiful geometries. And redemption, she tells us, is never impossible.

Kratom: Everything You Need To Know To Harness The Power of This Potent Plant
by Get Ahead
Unlock The Power Of Kratom! Are You Ready To Find Out All About Kratom And How You Can Use It To Get Ahead Of The Curve? You've Come To The Right Place Here's A Preview Of What This Book Contains...
- Up Close and Personal with Kratom
- Mitragyna Speciosa, from the First Encounter to the Present
Types and Strains of Kratom Extracts
- Scientific Studies to Prove the Benefits of Kratom
- Where you can find Kratom powder for sale online
- Preparation and Other Things that you Need to Know •When to Take Kratom
- Much, Much More! Are you ready to harness the power of Kratom? Let's Get Started Today!

Chapters' FAQ'S

After 3 years here on 11th St., some still ask: Is Chapters part of the Canadian chain? Absolutely not! Chapters A Literary Bookstore was founded in 1985 by myself, Terri Merz, and a fellow French major from Georgetown U., Robin Diener. . . . Where is Emma the Chapters cat? Emma is happily retired from retail, and lives with Steve, who spoils her with sardines at midnight. As you've noticed, we keep our old-fashioned, historic storefront double doors open, and Emma would be out! (Read More!)

Book Sense Picks

Unique and provocative selections from a great diversity of voices...all personally recommended by the independent booksellers of America. (Read More!)

The Lay of the Land
by Ford, Richard
"Frank Bascombe returns (The Sportswriter and Independence Day featured him in earlier novels) and faces a difficult Thanksgiving day in his fifty-fifth year. Wry, wise, funny, beautifully written and structured, I wanted to reread this as soon as I finished but felt impelled to pass it on to other readers. A masterpiece." --John Mueller, Square Block Books, Troy, NY